The Pekulia experience

pekUlia prodUctions lTd is an events management company with a difference as we are poised to create and not copy; we initiate and don't imitate!

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Customized Events

Unique events that are suited to your brand, your budget, and taste e.g. unique birthdays, specialized weddings and anniversaries.

Corporate Events

  • Corporate socials – End 0f year events, exhibitions, galas/fundraisers, dinners, awards, A.G.Ms, etc.
  • Corporate Marketing – Product/brand launches, conferences, trade/road-shows.
  • Corporate Training – Workshops, seminars, conferences.

Promotional Events

Events that publicize your products and services to potential clients such as roadshows, jamborees, promotional concerts and campaigns.

Pekulia Productions

At Pekulia Productions we self-produce ingenious events and productions like operas, concerts, musicals and theatrical productions.